Лятна Случка


The Group

FOLK N 'ROLL, the seven-member Ethnic / Balkan group from Giannena, is one of the most emerging figures of the domestic scene. Carrying a heavy continental heritage and embracing the Balkan culture since 2010, they have formed a collective with incredible energy and dynamism.
During this time, they have made appearances and collaborations across Greece, creating around them a dance paranoia that triggers the feast that is happening on the stage. Fools, authenticity and spontaneity are the words that describe ideally Folk n 'Roll.

They have been touring for the last 3 years, staging their presence in big festivals of the interior (Balkan fest, Sounds of the forest, Zero etc.) either by themselves or by accompanying other artists on stage (VIC, Baildsa, S. Grammenos etc). ). In the winter of 2017 they made their first tour abroad, making a series of appearances in Bulgaria with great success, and their summer tour in the Balkan countries with appearances at foreign festivals with musical instruments of international recognition (Evanescence, Guano Apes, etc.)


In December 2015 they released their first album titled "FTERI" with adapted pieces of Epirus and Rebetika tradition

Reggae Rumba

In June 2016 the band's first single / video was released, titled "Reggae Rumba"


In the beginning of 2017 was released the 2nd single "Jamaicanos"

Now the band's interest focuses on the completion of the homonymous album that will be released in 2017 with original compositions.

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