Liatna Sluchka 2018


By purchasing a ticket for the festival, a space is available for all who want to camp in two designated areas. Enough water for drinking and washing will have two places in the fest area as well as chemical toilets will be provided. Car parking will be allowed outside the festival area. Participants who are going to do business will be allowed to unload their goods in the festival area, after which they will have to drive cars out of the festival.

For all those who will carry out commercial activity there is a participation fee of 40 BGN. This omission applies to one person – every second, third, etc. an attendant has to buy a standard ticket (s). The organizers are not responsible for the profits and turnover achieved by the participants. We will ask all those who buy a pass to let us know so we can add them to our site. See you soon!!!

Be ready for the festival!